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Fine art is there, on the artist here network

The artisthere network provides a place for artists to raise their profile on the web and beyond, and has grown out of our many years of providing custom websites for artists.

A Service

The artisthere network is a service designed to meet the needs of artists to display their works and connect with buyers and others. Hosting and lots more. Your partner and guide to the WWW.

With WordPress

Our sites are powered by WordPress, supplemented with a careful selection of add-ons (plugins), and provide a variety of formats of ready-made and/or custom-designed galleries, along with the option of blogging.

Our Theme

We developed a core theme to provide most, if not all, of what you need, along with lots of customization options. We work with you to develop what’s called a child theme to display your artworks on your own site.

More of What You Need

Starting with common ready-to-go add-ons (plugins), we have developed additional plugins to provide essential artist website elements such as an events calendar.

Our Hosting; Your Domain

As part of the artisthere network hosting service, we also provide domain name registration/management, along with the option for email at your domain.