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Sites for Artists

This is a brief summary of the main features of the website services we have developed for artists. To learn more, please contact us

  • custom site design*

    – we work with you to understand what your site needs to contain and how to lay it out (you’ll often see this referred to as site or information architecture – what pages there will be, what they will contain) (you’ll also hear terms like user experience (UX) which adds navigation like menus to the mix)

  • custom home page

    – your home page needs to answer a number of key questions – when someone clicks on your link in a search engine results, they want to know that they have really come to a page, and site, that will help them achieve their goal; and what they should do next – it also needs to answer questions like “who are you?” and “what are you (your art) like/about?” – we’ll implement the design that works for you and your visitors

  • gallery/portfolio

    – what you call it is up to you, but the key thing for your website is to present your artworks – we have a three-level gallery system where you can have one or two layers of organization before getting into the details of each work – custom fields provide the information you need on your art, such as medium and dimensions – we have already developed a number of templates for presentation of both the gallery and image levels, and if you need something extra, we can do it

  • blog/news/journal

    – what you call it, and how you use it (or not), is up to you – all the regular features you would expect in a blogging system, thanks to WordPress – we have developed a theme that is easy for us to customize and extend for you using child themes

  • events/calendar

    – what you call it, and how you use it (or not), is up to you – add details on upcoming events including date and time, location and brief description, with a link to related blog post(s) for more details and reminders – the event display automatically includes links to Google Maps and the organizer/venue website – the event automatically disappears from view when it is too old to appear on your site – as an extra option, it can automatically generate your resume from past events

  • more pages

    – sites are typically setup with Gallery, Blog, Calendar and Contact pages, and you can add any other pages, including forms, you need to present and promote your art and other activities

  • statistics

    – accessible from your menu when you log in to your dashboard – information such as how many visitors you are getting, where they are from, and what they are doing (sometimes called analytics)

  • newsfeeds

    – if you want, you can still use the contact form for visitors to sign up to receive a newsletter; in addition, visitors can subscribe to RSS feeds and be automatically notified when you add to your site – there are separate feeds for your gallery, your blog and your events

  • other social networks

    – optionally, we can also add links (and/or content) to and/or from other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

*   We don’t by default offer what some might call design; that is, things like the colors and the graphic elements of the web pages. We assume that you are an artist and you probably already have some strong ideas on the subject. If you don’t have finished design ideas, we can certainly help you develop what you have. And if you haven’t started thinking about design, we can still help.

We can provide you with two more services for a successful life on the internet:

  • domain name registration

    along with management of your DNS entries (how your domain name gets translated into a website on this server)

  • email hosting

    so that you can have a separate “business” address of the form you@yourdomainname.com

Basically, we take care of all the technical stuff:

  • we select, develop and maintain the best software for your website
  • implement your site design, and enable you to manage your own content
  • consult with you so that you can be confident you are providing your best face to the world

Contact us to get started!